Tony Quinn Seminar: I was going the wrong route and I found that an incredible learning for myself

Grainne O'FlahertyGrainne O’Flaherty

I completed a Tony Quinn Seminar and, in essence, I have to say it has been one of the most incredible learnings of my lifetime. In every respect it has impacted on my life. Prior to going on the seminar, I was, what I would term, a compulsive learner. I had this insatiable need all of the time to be constantly learning. For me knowledge was power, knowledge was security and to be honest, it was an incredibly stressful time to be constantly keeping yourself abreast with that. I was feeling this constant lack of assurance or lack of capability in confidence about myself. I wasn’t expressing me at all – I was learning all of this knowledge from books, getting degrees etc.  Having learned the Formative Learning principles, it taught me that I was going the wrong route and I found that an incredible learning.  I’m really pleased that those learnings from the seminar gave me that capability to express myself.

Now that I’m a ‘happier camper’  this has sort of spilled over into all areas of my life – I was a bit of a stressed person before and that would have really effected my sleep. I would have had a few hours sleep from time to time but I’d never been able to relax – what I’d call restful sleep.  I feel that I’m more relaxed and because I’m more relaxed I know that I sleep better, I know that my temperament is much much better – I’m very much a ‘chilled person’ now.

I look at my life before I did the Formative Learning seminar and I see the constant pressure I put myself under.  Now this was pressure I put on myself. I felt the more intellectual you were that, essentially, the more successful you would be.  I wasn’t a good listener prior to doing this seminar. I was a good talker, not with confidence, by the way. That’s why I think I had this constant need for learning so that I could literally verbulate everything that I thought people wanted to hear.

Now I know that all I have to do is see my end result, see it very clearly for myself, precisely what I want and then I learn it and imprint it to the extent that it happens, it absolutely happens for me and that is an amazing change for me because the techniques assist me to get the exact results that I want.

In my professional life I’m a qualified solicitor and a qualified psychotherapist.  I would have done a lot of courtroom work which was an incredibly fractious environment, very stressful for everybody involved and in and out of that for a long period of time, I must say was incredibly wearing on me. What I found most harrowing about it is that it didn’t deal with peoples problems, it just gave a result. Whereas, now, I’m operating more on a mediation style employment law.  It’s predominantly by using the Formative Learning techniques that my clients are getting exceptional outcomes. It’s a very different approach but it’s a very real approach, in my opinion.

When I was going through college studying psychotherapy, the entire focus was always on analysing the problem. It was the conventional psychotherapy.  Now in my own practice,, I no longer use that approach. I use the Educo Formative Learning approach which I would describe as ‘solution based’ where the clients focus entirely on their desired outcome.  I use now is the Educo approach – it’s not ‘let’s get into the problem and try to solve it’ – it is ‘there’s the potential solution, let’s get to that solution’ and I have to say it’s working incredibly well.

I’m now choosing to live my life and I’m living it with confidence and I’m very proud of that.  I’m far more aware as a person, I believe that I’m more aware of people and how they are. I’m a better listener – I’m enjoying life very much so.

My wish, to be honest, is that the Seminar was televised. It’s content should be shared with children, with adults – it should be out there, worldwide. It’s a technique that everybody should be familiar with.
Grainne O’Flaherty, Co. Clare

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Tony Quinn Seminar: It’s simple, it’s straight-forward

I’ve just returned from a Tony Quinn Seminar which was absolutely outstanding. I have been involved in coaching now for quite some time with individuals, groups, and organisations. The old way that I used was to try and get results by thinking, constantly thinking and to be honest, it was a struggle, a difficult journey sometimes to keep going. Now I have learnt the Educo approach of how to get results from the deeper part of your mind and it is so much easier. You learn what you want, you put it into the deeper part of your mind and it comes about. It’s simple, it’s straight-forward and the results are the answer.

For example, prior to going on the seminar, we have a group of 120 people in Belfast that we coach on a regular basis. Having come back from the Seminar everything’s changed because now we have the Educo cutting-edge way. I’m excited delivering it . Clients are getting results.

What you can do for your children, family etc, is phenomenal. . My own son is a perfect example. I work with him, we spend time together, maybe having a game of pool and while we’re doing that we talk about the Educo System and how to get results. Well, the results speak for themselves. He is now getting more acting parts; he got a recent part there in an advertisement for Red Bull, it’s just incredible. As a parent, is gold.

On coming back from the seminar, it’s been like a whole transformation. I now know the way to create better health, a better life-style, a better job. It doesn’t matter what area, the formula is the same. I’m getting results, what more can I say?

A lot of the time, when I’m working with people, a big part of my job is to find out what they want.  You are in control of what you think, what you do and the results in attain in your life. You are in full control and, when you realise that, then anything is possible.

When I wake up in the morning, it’s like a brand new day and, you know what, I’m in control if it, it’s my day. I create what I want to create; I make happen what I want to happen. For the first time in my life, I feel absolutely alive, totally alive because I’m passionate about what I do and I want to share this information with other people. You look at life in a whole different way; it’s all going in the one direction and that creates a feeling within yourself like no other.
Brendan Quinn, Belfast, Ireland.

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Tony Quinn Seminar: Sing with Rome Symphony Orchestra

Before I attended the Tony Quinn Seminar my life was just not what I wanted it to be. After the Educo seminar my life is everything I want it to be.  I was always stuck in my thoughts. I could not stop thinking about everything – for example, how I was going to pay the bills, how I was going to take care of my business, and how I was going to perform at my next gig. I am in the field of professional opera and also I teach voice. I am dealing with a lot of detail all the time. Before the Tony Quinn seminar I could not manage them all because I was stuck in thought but once I got to the seminar, I learned that there was a very great difference between thought and reality. Once I grasped this, I then realised that the Educo Formative Learning approach was going to change my life – and yes, it did change my life.

When I got back I noticed that I was very focussed, I was aware and I was conscious. It changed everything for me in my business life. I have a group of students with whom I shared some of what I have learned on the Seminar and, amazingly, my young students would sing so beautifully and they would know with certainty in their minds that they could be successful in this field.

As far as my career went, I was able to envisage myself being totally successful, see myself performing on stage, see myself beginning a very successful career and that’s exactly what is happening. I am heading to Italy this coming summer to sing professionally with the Rome Symphony Orchestra – and it’s all because I learned to apply the Educo seminar approach.

This Educo approach is amazing. You learn how to communicate with people in a much better way. I have all kinds of people that I deal with every day and communication is vital to my business. Because of the Educo approach, I am able to speak to people differently. My interpersonal relationships with my students and colleagues are now really improved.

I am now a completely different person – much brighter and more capable. My whole life is different now because I am present. I am living in ‘the now’ and experiencing things in a new way. When I teach, I am totally with my students in ‘the moment’. and they feel the impact of this. When I am performing on stage to my audience, I am there, present in that very moment, living with passion and connected to the energy that is inside me – and it comes out so freely as I sing. I only wish that everybody in the world could have the opportunity to learn about Educo and its techniques as I believe it would change the world.

Scott Merchant, Denver, Colorado

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